After going around a lot (what if Optics, what if Orthopedics, Nutrition, Aromatherapy...), at the end of 2019 I bought a book that changes my professional life. “The Ultimate Guide to Skin Care” by Gema Herrerías (Ed. Planeta, 2021).

The study of the skin, that organ that covers our body and which we abuse a lot for how little it complains, kept me alive during the pandemic. It rescued me from that moment of so much stress and uncertainty.

I remembered that a very good friend of mine, María José Díaz Alonso, who is no longer here (I still miss you), had given me another book (“Skin and medications", Ed. University of Navarra. Faculty of Pharmacy, 1989) and he had told me: “Matu, and I think this is your thing…”.

Well, when I get on, I get on. I began to train in multiple ways: reading everything I could get my hands on, watching and listening to all the multimedia content at my disposal (videos, podcasts)... Everything. And here I continue, I have not stopped, training every day with the help of great professionals such as Gema Herrerías, Arturo Álvarez Bautista, Cristina Mitre, Ana Molina, Andrea Combalia, Pablo García, Marián García (Boticaria García), Beatriz Saralegui, Laboratorios Isdin , Cantabria Labs, Pranarôm and a long etcetera.

I do what I like, I love my profession and I have reinvented myself after 30 years at the counter, which are not a few. No, I do not have a master's degree in dermocosmetics (it is never too late), but in this cyberworld in which we live, if you want, it is very easy to be trained and informed of the advances in this wonderful world of dermocosmetics.

Do you need me to help you organize your skincare routine?


I will be commenting here on all the courses I am doing, breaking down all the news that I think may be of relevance to all of you.

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