I am fascinated by the world of essential oils. I have discovered many of its secrets through PRANARÔM.

Lemon essential oil prevents your baby from getting sick in the car. Clove oil, which smells like the dentist's office, fixes the problem of a toothache in one weekend, to ensure that you last until Monday at the dentist's office, although you cannot use it if you have tooth problems. endometriosis, for example.

Lavender essential oil is magical for burns, but also for insect bites. How many medals have I won, thanks to Saint Espliego, mother!

Cypress oil is used for irritating coughs, but depending on how you use it, it is also valid for the treatment of your inflamed hemorrhoids, of course it is a uterotonic, so be careful.

What do I mean by all of the above? That the use of essential oils requires advice from a professional, that you do not use them because your neighbor tells you or you see it on social networks, because they have their details and on top of that they are related to your health.

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